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spnfanfic_au's Journal

Am I boring you with this hunting evil stuff?
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Welcome! spnfanfic_au is a community created specifically for Alternate Universe, or AU, fan fiction for the CW/WB series Supernatural! This community is quite new yet, but I hope to make it an easily accessible source for AU fans.

Wikipedia defines Alternate Universe fan fiction as "a type or form of fan fiction in which canonical facts of setting or characterization in the universe being explored or written about are deliberately changed." What that means to you is this: your story's timeline can diverge from canon mid-season or you can choose to plunk Dean and Sam Winchester down in a completely different occupation, gender, bloodline, universe, anything, and it is considered an AU.

All posts need to be Supernatural related. Fan fiction, art and vids are the primary reason the community was created but discussion of potential AU 'verses is also fine. Recs are gladly accepted. Please note that this community accepts slash, gen, and het. Yes, that means we are wincest friendly (even more than friendly, it's encouraged ;)). All stories posted need to be behind an lj-cut, with warnings and ratings properly displayed. Crossovers are acceptable, crackfic doubly so. Real Person Fiction is also accepted, because hell, it's all AU anyway, let's have the whole enchilada :) Please be kind and respect one another, we're all here to have fun!

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If you would like to affiliate with our community or simply have a question, please drop a line in brokenbacktango's journal or e-mail :)